Пивняка Г.Г. Толковый словарь по информатике. Страница 2

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В прилагательных и причастиях допускается отсечение частей слов: «енный», «янный», «ионный», «еский», «альный», «ельный» и др. Например, собств., дерев., оптич, вертик., строит. и др. В словаре применяется сокращение слов, обозначающих государственную, языковую, географическую или национальную принадлежность. Например: «англ.» - английский, «лат.» - латинский, «греч.» - греческий и др.




Terminology, and naming things in general, is always difficult.

Web Services Architecture Working Group (http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/arch/).

Dear Reader! The book which you hold in your hands, was born very uneasy. The group of authors communicating with colleagues and students, analyzing polls and tendencies of development of the subject domain, has come to thought that computer science as the interdisciplinary field of knowledge requires the special approach to presentation and explanation of terms generated by it. Therefore, after long discussions, in 2002 it was decided to try to create something like the guidebook for permanently varying and unusually interesting field of knowledge

-  computer science.

For past six years authors have become familiar with serious foreign and domestic editions which most completely reflect the main processes of structuring of terminology in the difficult world of fast developing information technologies on the one hand. Here it is necessary to mark: «On-line encyclopedia Wikipedia» [49], on-line service of the well-known American publisher of encyclopedic dictionaries Merriam-Webster [21], «The English-Ukrainian explanatory dictionary on computer facilities, the Internet and programming», under scientific edition of O.L. Perevozchikova [53], «The Encyclopedic systematised dictionary-reference book» [134], «Klaus Krippendorff WEB Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems» [17], «the New systematized explanatory dictionary-reference book (Introduction in modern informational and telecommunicational technologies in terms and facts)» [72] and «Electronic dictionary ABBYY Lingvo 11» [133]. Each of them, as well as many other, reflects different concepts, uses own systematization and often considers terms and notions under different sight angles.