Пивняка Г.Г. Толковый словарь по информатике. Страница 3

On the other hand, operation on preparation and release of textbooks on computer science [68, 69], and also two editions of specialised «the English-Russian-Ukrainian dictionary on geoinformatics» [50, 70] was carried out simultaneously. That has allowed to expand essentially conceptual and terminological base of the present edition.

It is extremely difficult to gather and interpret all existing terms especially those, which have interdisciplinary character. Therefore authors aspired to systems approach not only in selection of dictionary articles, but also to representation of their sense and essence. In this regard works of leading scientists from Institute of problems of the systems analysis of the National technical university of Ukraine «the Kiev polytechnic institute» - academician NAN of Ukraine M.Z. Zgurovskogo, professor N.D. Pankratovoj and their colleagues were very usefull for the authors[84, 104, 105].

From our point of view, one of the main problems in computer science mastering, unlike other fundamental sciences, is the increasing requirement for introduction of new terms of permanently extending conceptual base that is especially underlined by authors of serious foreign dictionaries 1 2 (New Oxford American Dictionary , Oxford Dictionary of English , etc.). Therefore, during selection of terms and abbreviations authors experienced sizable difficulties, trying to consider interests of many various groups of readers:

•       schoolboys of informational lycées and students of the first years of higher educational institutions, who are often lost in abundance of the abbreviations linked to Internet technologies (HTTP, URL, TCP/IP etc.) and terms from area of information technologies, for example, such as "stack", "interface", "driver" and many others.