Пивняка Г.Г. Толковый словарь по информатике. Страница 5

0 The Terms, which meaning varied and continues to vary eventually (the mainframe, the document, the program, a component, tools, a name, the command, level, the client, a server, safety, оркестровка, a choreography, etc.).

© Often used terms, which value well-known, but it is difficult enough to specify these values because of of their absence in modern dictionaries accessible to readers (a metaphor, the concept, a paradigm, cybernetics, the architecture, geoinformatics, corporation, computer science, etc.).

© The Newest terms of information-computer technologies (подкаст, фишинг, a web broad gull, nano technologies, a portal, the pipeline, гаджет, киберсквоттер, the container, topic maps, etc.).

The dictionary contains more than 3 800 (the most popular and significant according to authors) terms and abbreviations from the most extensive area of computer science and definitions integrally intertwined in its substance from mathematics, electronics, linguistics, geoinformatics and many other allied industries. More than 5 500 accompanying terminological components, characteristics and if it is necessary, interpretation are given to them.

Structurally the dictionary consists of two parts - English and Russian. First of all it is related with a high speed of development of information technologies in an English-speaking part of Globe. Electronic articles and materials to our compatriots come basically in three languages: first of all in English, and then in Russian and Ukrainian language.

Authors also have considered necessary, to enter into the dictionary descriptions of the main achievements and directions of researches of some most generally used in a lexicon of domestic software and equipment producers, and also foreign corporations (3COM, Apple, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Sumsung, etc.), which become world brands. After all having heard name Big Blue (that in translation from English/American means "Big blue") it is necessary to understand, that it is a question about slang name of the corporation International Business Machines (IBM) which has more than 390 employees on its enterprises in hundred countries of the world.