Пивняка Г.Г. Толковый словарь по информатике. Страница 6

Words in the given edition are placed in alphabetic order and, as a rule, in a singular. To Russian terms are given English equivalents, and to English-Russian (placed in parentheses).

Synonyms and abbreviations of resulted terms are given in square brackets after their mention. For example:

Адаптер [карта, плата], Архитектура производственная [корпоративная].

If terms are linked with abbreviations (for example, ИТ, ИКТ), or purely terms (for example, гарнитура) in the dictionary are given both abbreviations and cross references on appropriate terms.

For the terms having definitions linked to them, the reference to an appropriate context (for example, the Laser printer (see the Барабан)) is given.

From two meanings of terms (English and Russian) the most generally used is selected. Appropriate decryption is given to it, and the first is given the reference to the second. For example, in a Russian part of the dictionary it is given a meaning of the term "commutator":

The commutator (Switch) (see Hub)

The type of the hub (or the commuting hub), which read out the address of the assignment of each data burst and send it in the specified port, reducing the network traffic. The standard hub copies arriving data burst and sends them in all network ports that leads to reduction of the network capacity. In one's turn, the commutator transfers data burst only to certain targets, reducing interferences of the network traffic.

In English part of the dictionary the reference, is given accordingly: Switch (see Commutator).

In a context of presentation of direct definition of the term, the most significant information representing keywords in various scientific disciplines, technologies and computer applications is represented in italic. For example: