Пивняка Г.Г. Толковый словарь по информатике. Страница 7

Compilation (Compile)

Process of conversion of the program written in a high-level language from an initial code in an object code. Since the programmer usually writes the program in the form named by an initial code, some steps for its conversion to an executable code are required. Compilation is the first step for translation of instructions (commands) of the programming language in an object code which is written in an object file with the appropriate extension. The last step to executable code reception after the object code has been received, is processing it by linker (linker). Linker unites units in a single whole and assigns values to all symbolical addresses, thus transforming an object code in the machine code.

If the same popular abbreviation concerns to different concepts, after it their decryptions at numbers are resulted. For example:

CRM 0 (Customer Relationship Management - Control systems of interrelations [ratios, mutual relations] with clients and partners)

The class of corporate software, representing program intellectual resources for collection, processings, checking, analyzing and representation of the information on clients. For example in the Internet or in a resources control system of CRM, ERM, ERP, SFA, etc.

CRM © (Change Request Management - Управление запросами на изменение ПО) Since throughout all life cycle software permanently is exposed to changes - errors are corrected, finishings are fulfilled etc. - therefore it is very important to know, what, whom and when was changed. Systems CRM carry on a БД changes and offer technologies of contol of modification (inquiry registration, the inquiry analysis, making decision on change, change implementation, testing, inquiry closing).