Пивняка Г.Г. Толковый словарь по информатике. Страница 8

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IT is a marketing strategy Unit.

One of the major components of the dictionary, according to authors, is representation of multifunctionality of the same term on the one hand, and its diversities on the other hand. It first of all goes about usage of the same term in different branches of knowledge (for example, the term the aperture is used in following disciplines: a) optics; b) telecommunications; c) BIOS of the computer and d) fiber-optic technologies, etc.). Besides, the same term often characterizes both the specification, and technology, and implementation etc. For such cases, in the dictionary the enumerated appropriate semantic decryptions on the most widespread areas of the use, and also possible interpretations are given. For example:

The aperture (Aperture)

o The chunk of memory addresses of the PCI type, which is selected in addresses of graphics memory. The cycles accessing to these addresses, do not demand translation and are transferred directly in AGP. Besides, the size specifies the maximum volume of system memory selected for storage of textures. It means, that to video cards the address space is given independently of actual capacity of a video memory of the card . The aperture size slightly affects the common productivity of system. However, the majority of modern 3D-accelerators demands much more, than 8 MB of the aperture for normal functioning.

© (in electronics CAD). A photoplotter diaphragm with which help the flare of a photosensitive layer is made. It has various sizes and forms.

© (in antennas) The part of a plane limited to an edge of a paraboloid of the aerial.