Пивняка Г.Г. Толковый словарь по информатике. Страница 9

© Diameter of a lens of an objective or diameter of the main mirror is named the aperture of the telescope.

© (£33) The Field of view. The solid (tetrahedral) corner, presence of objects in which, forms the image in the course of remote sounding or at perspective visualization. Usually only the width of the corner is set in degrees, and the height is defined proceeding from a format (aspect) image.

Argument (Argument) (see Parameter)

o In a science under argument understand an opinion (or a collection of opinions), grounded on the scientific facts and coercend as the proof of the validity of other opinion of higher order (the theory, the law, the concept etc.).

© (Prog.) Value or the address transferred to procedure or function at the moment of call. For example, in the sentence in language BASIC Y = SQR (X), Xis an argument of function SQR (fulfilling rootsquaring). Arguments of procedures and functions in a number of programming languages are named actual parametres.

© (Mat.) Some independent, variable quantity on which value depends values of the function. (see Function).

© (UML) The Link (reference) defined for some parameter which resolves binding of the copy. A synonym - actual parameter (actualparameter). Contrast - parameter.

In the dictionary, the terms which have "got accustomed" in Russian publications, the spelling of which became habitual in Russian transliteration are also everywhere applied: the Internet, the Web, Web page, the Web server etc.

Working out the edition authors aspired the reader to find something unknown looking through the dictionary searching an interesting word, as it happened and with us. For example, during preparation of the manuscript of the dictionary it was clarified, that for mobile devices (phones) exists two virtual computers - JVM and CLR, and platforms Java are already three!